Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another murder-suicide by somone on psychotropics..

Father kills his whole family and then himself....

MIDDLETOWN -- Francie Billotti-Wood should have been in church today, volunteering in the nursery at the Holy Family Catholic Community parish, her priest said.

Instead, she and her slain family were a focal point of prayers and remembrances at a Mass at the church in northwest Maryland.

Rev. Kevin Farmer opened the 9 a.m. service today by telling more than 400 somber parishioners that he had "no words to offer" to describe the "unspeakable act" that Billotti-Wood, 33, and her three young children suffered at the hands of their husband and father, Christopher A. Wood, 34, who shot them and then killed himself. Wood left five separate suicide notes to family members, scattered about the house. One said he was having psychological problems and taking medication,...

When the hell are these pharmaceutical companies going to brought up on charges of accessory to murder for all of these crimes? Where the hell is the product liability?

If you are reading this and you are taking state-dope PLEASE GET OFF THAT CRAP NOW!

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