Wednesday, June 08, 2005

How Do You Know You Are Free?

It's a good question, because unless you know by what standard you should measure freedom, you cannot know if you really ARE free.

Let's get personal. How do YOU rate your own freedom? And what is it that defines the freedom you think you have? How would you answer the following?

Are you able to start a business without bureaucratic overload? Are you able to cut down a tree in your own back yard? Are you able to keep the money you earn? Are you able to smoke marijuana? Are you able to read any book, or see any movie? Are you able to express your opinion without fear? Are you able to gamble at offshore online casinos? Are you able to travel without undue harassment? Are you able to buy, sell or trade whatever you like? Are you able to keep your personal information private?

The list could go on, but you get the drift.

Freedom, when it comes down to the wire, is the ability to make choices about your own life and property. Freedom is NOT about negating the same choices for other people. So, I cannot claim the freedom to steal another's property. Freedom can only be related to actions which do not impinge on someone else's freedom.

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