Friday, June 24, 2005


Yesterday was a dark day in the history of the united States of America. In a 5 - 4 ruling, the Supreme Court Just Us's decided that government may now seize your private property to be turned over to private developers merely on the basis that the private developers will build something in place of your home that projects to bring in more tax dollars to the government coffers. Every single ideal that this country was founded on is being systematically destroyed. Every day they chop away at the tree of liberty, but yesterday they took a CHAIN SAW to it!

It is as simple as this:

"I am the government and I want your property John Q Citizen."

"But, Mr. Government, I'm sorry I do not wish to sell my property to you. It's been in my family for generations. Mother Citizen passed it down to me, and Grandmother Citizen passed it to mother, as far back as 4 generations! I do not wish to sell it!"

"I don't care about your family history, John. You see, Mr. Merck over here, he tells me he will build a 125,000 foot research and development complex on this land, and throw in a few upscale condos and retail chain stores for balance. By doing so Mr. Merck promises to increase the tax revenue we will receive from this piece of land and tax revenue is far more worthy that your perceived rights to this property! We'll send over the papers in the morning!" (hearty chuckle)

"But no! I refuse to sell my property, Mr. Government! Not to you! Not to anyone!"

"There's no sense in fighting us John. The courts are on our side. Just sign the paper!"

"So, you tell me I MUST sell my property? Sally Q. Neighbor told me last year she would pay me $250,000 for this property so if I MUST sell it, then I want $250,000 for it!"

"John, you must be mistaken! We have had your property "appraised" and we will give you $200,000 for it."

"What! But, I just called Sally and she said her offer still stands! She will pay me $250,000!"

"(Laughs) That's very amusing, John. I don't think you understand. This is not a "free market." We will not give you what the property could be worth on the open market. WE decide what your property is worth and we decide what we will pay you and we have decided that your property is worth $200,000 and that is final!"


Fight back! Visit these sites today for more information!

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