Sunday, March 20, 2005

Martial Law 9-11: Rise Of The Police State Review

Martial Law 9-11: Rise Of The Police State

Sunday March 20, 2005

I received my copy of Alex Jones’s new documentary, “Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State” on Friday. It is one of Alex’s best documentaries yet! In two and a half hours he covers the Republican National Convention in New York, interviewing a diverse number of people to show their opinions. He documents the virtual lock-down of the city, the sound wave weapons at the ready, the corporate sponsored surveillance blimp and more. Alex goes on to show a side of the events of September 11, 2001 left out of the fairytale version as told to us by the mainstream media. He waits outside a restaurant while Michael Moore shoves his face full of tacos to ask him why he didn’t cover the real hard-core issues of 9-11, and while waiting nails the Michael Moore illusion. Then Alex hits a home run with an impromptu interview of multi-presidential advisor/insider David Gergen. Alex, that was one of your finest moments caught on film! He then wraps up the film with a brief history of Nazism, showing the Bush family ties, some of the symbolism used, Bohemian Grove and the Republican’s love-fest with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(A side note: for a real treat keep an eye of the Gov-a-nat-or’s Cal-ee-for-nee-ah website: where he documents such fun meetings as that of his recent hosting of Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Edmund Stoiber, no doubt a meeting of great importance to Cal-ee-for-nee-ans.)

Yesterday I got to witness the Police State in full swing right here in my own town. My family found that the new requirement for entrance into our County Fair is to have all bags searched by a Law Enforcement Officer. Even little, tiny teenage girl’s purses hardly large enough to hold a tube of lipstick had to be placed on the table to be prodded, groped and fondled by the Law Enforcement Officer. What kind of contraband were they looking for I wondered? And what is next? Since none of the men had handbags they weren’t being searched, but they could have easily concealed something in their pant legs. Next it’ll be everyone up against the wall, spread-eagle for a pre-fair frisk! We are truly in a Police State and if Alex’s documentary doesn’t wake you up to this fact, your next unprovoked search from a Law Enforcement Officer will!

Thank you Alex for your tireless work in exposing the agenda of the globalists!

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