Sunday, February 07, 2010

CDC Launches Massive Vaccine Experiment

The CDC has launched a massive experiment in vaccines for children in Denver as Colleen O’Connor reports from the Denver Post on Jan. 29, 2010. This is called the

”Public School Special Needs Crisis” which is an unfounded program. There is no special needs in school age children and no epidemic that warrants this increased vaccination program with 5 vaccines at one time. There is no crisis in Denver or any other US school and this is a campaign of damage to children’s health.

Administering just the H1N1 Swine Vaccine has caused miscarriages in pregnant mothers and now children are being subjected to as you will see in the video 5 vaccines at once. This is very disturbing to more than just parents but also health researchers who know the damage these kids are receiving in this agressive push to force vaccines in public schools and is entirely an experiment with horrible consquences.

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