Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Obamageddon – 2012

Empire America is on the verge of collapse. Its social, economic and political systems are failed and failing.

The measures taken by successive governments to save the politically corrupt, morally bankrupt, physically decrepit giant from collapse have served to only hasten its demise. While the decline has been decades in the making, the acceleration of ruinous policies under the current Administration is leading the United States – and much of the world – to the point of no return.

The "green shoots" sighted by Field Marshall Bernanke this past spring were a mirage. The 2010 economic "recovery" predicted by the same experts, authorities and financial boy scouts and cheerleaders who didn't see the economic crisis coming is pure delusion.

By 2012, even those in denial and still clinging to hope will be forced to face the truth. It will be called "Obamageddon" in America. The rest of the world will call it "The Greatest Depression." there anything more to say other than..."Peace Out"?

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