Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Media Whores - Complicit in the Big Lie

The Media lie. They are basically whores. They will say ANYTHING to keep their paychecks coming and to keep their cushy lifestyles intact.

I'm from the radio generation. I grew up with my radio glued to my ear. I have always enjoyed listening to the radio and it's a habit I've had to work to break. I have to break it because the majority (99.9%) of the talking heads on the radio are LIARS. They are complicit in the Big Lie that keeps getting told over and over. Tell a lie or lies loud enough and often enough and people will believe you.

And when you attempt to call a radio show or email a host with some info what does the 'host' do? They yell over you, call you a "nut" and tell you to "watch out for black helicopters". Morons, all of them.

Yelling over someone and calling them names does not mean you're right. It just means you (the media whore) are stupid and lazy.

I was listening to a local yokel radio show yesterday, "The Morning Magazine with Mark Larson" Mark Larson, the helmet-haired host, lords over his show with race-baiting comments and lots of lies just like the rest of the talking heads. Yesterday he was talking about this past weekend's run on the bank in California and was telling his listeners to spread their deposits around so they would not have more than $100,000 in any one account. Good advice. But when I sent him an email requesting he research and discuss Fiat Money and Fractional Reserve Banking he replied that he had just gone to his bank and got a cashiers check for a closing (the slum lord closing on another property)his money was there. And then he told me to "watch out for the "black helicopters".

So that's it, isn't it? Never discuss the private "Federal" "Reserve" Bank. And call anyone who attempts to ask you to discuss it a wacko by using the old "black helicopter" epithet.

Unfortunately, the majority of sheeple get their "news" from helmet-heads like Larson and will never be told the truth nor will they ever take the time to read a book or research anything for themselves!

The media whores and their masters are counting on this - the ignorance and apathy of the sheeple. And as long as the sheeple are FAT and HAPPY on their collective couches all doped up on state dope (SSRI drugs, etc) with a beer in one hand and the remote control in the other the minority of us who actually take the time to research The System are strapped in for the ride. How can you sleep while your bed is burning?

Guilty of treason:

I was going to post more pictures of the Whores but I feel suddenly very sick to my stomach just looking at these three! Damn but there's a lot of them! All of them parroting the Pentagon Lies. Bought and Sold - every one of them - and you all listen to them and believe them!

See that tower? See the plane? Those of us that have open minds and are intelligent enough to research and find out the truth are strapped into that plane (our country) and we're being hijacked. There we go (our country) being crashed into the side of the building. Strap yourselves in - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

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