Tuesday, May 13, 2008

STOP! Do not spend your stimulus check!

I'm miffed!  I'm "angry" and yes, even "bitter". 


I'm upset about the direction that the entities of very questionable character who steer "Spaceship Earth" have been headed.  And I'm most definitely NOT going to go running around like a FAT ASS with my pittance check (blood money) to theoretically "stimulate the economy".  Oh... you mean I am supposed to run out and pretend to "stimulate" the pretend system?  "Stimulate" the fiat joke we toil under because I am told I should?  Hell no!

The media blitz on now is nauseating! 

As Stimulus Rebates Go Out, Stores Want the Whole Check

It's all smoke and mirrors folks!  A facade!  A 'feel good' band aid that's not going to save an already bankrupt country from complete ruin!

When your blood money gets to your hands - stop - wait a moment - and think about the whole mess.  Not just the price of gas and food and sudden rationing and mortgage foreclosures and loss of jobs, etc. etc.  Think about what that money really is...you're being lied to, you are bought and sold by this system - hook, line and sinker!  How about instead you act defiantly with your blood money and for once do not do what you are told.  Don't spend it on consumer goods.  In fact, I am boycotting all consumer goods for the rest of this month as a protest and I encourage you to boycott spending as well.  I am sending my blood money right back to the bank from whence it came to pay off a credit card.  And when I do I will say another prayer that the people of the planet become enlightened and start thinking for themselves!

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