Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IMPEACH! the criminals!

In the face of Bush's escalation of the war, Jan. 27 was a massive outpouring of protest to end the war, with at least one hundred thousand coming from across the country to Washington, DC, and thousands protesting on the west coast. There was a widespread demand that Bush be impeached among the protesters and from the stage, with clear connections drawn between ending the war and removing this administration from office. Students, union members, peace groups, and many different people who are completely fed up came out Jan. 27 to protest and look for how to mobilize resistance that can stop the direction Bush is taking the world.

Coming off of the January 27th protests, the challenge is this: Are we going to move heaven and earth to bring the criminal Bush regime to a halt, ending the war and driving them from power? Now is the time. 2008 is too late. It is unconscionable to allow the carnage to life and justice to go on.

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