Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Independence Day to all Patriots!

Patriots seek peace; nationalists require conflict. Patriots defend an ideal of non-aggression; nationalists impose their beliefs with aggression. Patriots offer an example of how men may be free by acting like freemen; nationalists never know freedom because they subjugate themselves to the collective and its leaders. Patriots believe in political freedom; nationalists believe in political power. Patriots believe that dissent is essential to distilling truth in political matters; nationalists believe that dissent is traitorous to the One True Vision that all must be loyal too.

The path from nationalist to patriot starts with understanding the difference between your country and those who rule your country. The old saying of a duty to “king and country” has been changed slightly to a duty to “majority rule and government.” The former were called serfs and the latter are called voters. Patriots declare themselves free from such artificial chains; nationalists declare their chains to be a badge of honor while seeking to put them on others and kill them if they resist. Spreading democracy in the name of spreading freedom is a cruel joke at best and an evil crusade at worst.

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