Friday, February 10, 2006

So the U.S. government wants to scan our e-mail, blogs & websites for “our own protection?” I say let’s give them something good to read!

I think every e-mail that is sent, every website and every blog should include a sentence or two that will trigger an alert. We should never say (or do) anything threatening but we should say things that can be misinterpreted by a computer. Add a trick line to every e-mail. Make it your signature. Here are some examples:

My garden is so overcrowded that I think we will have to kill a bush or two this weekend to make room for our veggies.
We are way behind in our paperwork but my staff is planning to attack this problem immediately.
We were going to get married in a civil ceremony but my spouse is planning to have a mass. She wants the altar boys to wear black capes. They will look like a murder of crows!

At the end of your trick sentence you can include the phrase: “How are you doing Big Brother? Nice to see you.”

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