Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Che Chic

You’ve probably seen one by now; perhaps you’ve even donned one. I’m referring to the mass market Che Guevara T-shirts. The image of the dead revolutionary icon has circulated the globe since the late ‘60s but has had a strong resurgence in recent years. Many popular entertainers, including Carlos Santana, have worn the fashionable tees. But does the image of Che really stand for any of the things that those who exhibit it think it does?

Those who wear the T-shirts think they are expressing revolutionary zeal. Was Che a revolutionary? In some respects he was, but once the Cuban revolution triumphed, Guevara seemed more than willing to join the powerful. He was second only to Castro, holding positions such as Minister of Industry and President of the National Bank of Cuba : not very revolutionary jobs by most standards. The results of his tenures at these positions (as well as that of the whole Cuban Revolution) were indisputable failures. Cuba ’s economy--once vibrant and a beacon financial success to Latin America --has yet to recover from the policies forcefully implemented by Guevara and his fellow revolutionaries.

At NotASheep we have no idols. The only thing we hold sacred is Freedom.

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