Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dr. Horowitz Articles Link Page

I have read several of Dr. Horowitz's books. He has excellent credentials and knows what he is talking about. I heard him last night on "Coast-to-Coast AM" and you can catch the re-broadcast tonight. Check out his website and this page of his articles. Here you will find these topics:


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Smallpox Risks Abortion
Aids Coverups Bioweapons and Bioterrorism
Anthrax Issues Gulf War Syndrome
Codex Alimentarious &
World Health Organization Healing Codes and
Spiritual Therapies
Colloidal Silver 9-11 Attack on America
Health, Lifestyle and
Nutritional Advice Political Action
New World Order
and Global Elite Public Health Risks
and Toxic Exposures
Vaccine Awareness Dr. Horowitz's Info and Battles
Tetrahedron, LLC Publishing


NEW! LA Fires More Than Economic Boom

Divine Revelations versus Smallpox Vaccinations

Smallpox Vaccination Risks Versus Natural Healing of Smallpox

Smallpox Vaccine Test Results from Baylor University

Investigators Conclude Russian Defector is Lead Suspect in Anthrax Mailings Case

Disease Deities on Capitol Hill Address Autism: Vaccine Injuries Reflect a Deeper Political Pathology

USGAO Commits FRAUD IN AIDS Cover-up OF “Special Virus Cancer Program” Investigation: Officials Lie and Omit Dr. Horowitz’s Expert Testimony

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