Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blame it on Newsweek!

Weekly "news" magazine "Newsweek" published an article that stated that one of the many sins committed whilst at war was that U.S. troops allegedly threw a prisoner's Qur'an "down the toilet" at Gitmo. This morning the talk show circuit has its talking points blazing with the how dare they quote anonymous sources and how they're (Newsweek) to blame for this violence and that indiscretion. What a load of crap! It's perfectly fine to do the following: strip, fondle, sodomize (with glow sticks no less), make human pyramids with, assault with attack dogs, place underwear on heads (most probably soiled at that), beat, kick, blast with obnoxious music, drape in Israeli flags, smear with feces, stand on cartons with electrodes attached to limbs, chain up, deprive of sleep, the list goes on and on.... Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the DU - Depleted Uranium. Damn you Newsweek! Damn you!

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