Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mothers Against The Draft

Why We're Concerned

By nearly all accounts, the following facts seem to be clear. Our military is seriously over-stretched and in spite huge signing bonuses and other enlistment incentives, there simply aren't enough new recruits and re-enlistments to keep pace with current military demands.

As a result, the Pentagon has taken extreme measures to stop the hemorrage including issuing "stop-loss" orders, lengthening tours of duty, increasing the number of rotations, and unlawfully placing women into combat positions.

Given these facts, the threat of a new draft is far more real than most would like to admit. Either Congress must immediately re-evaluate our foreign policy and reduce our overseas military commitments, thereby decreasing the number of troops that are needed, or conscript our sons and daughters. There simply aren't any other choices.

I'm concerned about this issue because PNAC says it needs more meat for its meat-grinder!

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